Belkyra is today’s modern approach to the dreaded “double chin,” which can be caused by excess fat under the chin, which can lower self-esteem and cause anxiety. Belkyra is a procedure that can help you quickly get rid of your double chin.

In addition, Belkyra is the first and only injectable drug approved in Canada for treating moderate to severe submental fullness, also known as “double chin.” It destroys fat cells when injected into subcutaneous fat. The main ingredient of this treatment is deoxycholic acid, which breaks down stubborn fatty tissue. During your Belkyra treatment, fat is eliminated naturally through metabolic processes.

On average, a patient may need a course of two to six (2-6) treatments – walk-in, walk-out, no bandages or stitches necessary! Today, let us learn more about this procedure. Continue reading until the end and discover if Belkyra is the treatment for you.

What is Belkyra?

Belkyra is a non-surgical injectable technique that targets the fat beneath the chin. The treatment uses deoxycholic acid through a series of injections, targeting stubborn fat cells in the treated area. It requires no incisions and, in most cases, involves minimal downtime.

The ideal candidates for Belkyra are adults 18 years or older, especially those with moderate to severe fat underneath their chins. On the other hand, you might not be a great candidate for this treatment if you have had or are planning to get facial surgeries because of trouble swallowing or have infections or medical conditions in or near the designated injection site. Belkyra may not be for women at the moment if you are pregnant, nursing, or expecting to get pregnant soon.


Belkyra is a non-invasive treatment usually utilized for double chins. The main benefit of Belkyra is that there is no need to go under the knife to destroy the fat under the chin. This non-invasive treatment takes less than an hour and only requires a few injections in the targeted under-chin areas. The required number of injections and treatments varies depending on overall aesthetic goals and the severity of the treatment area.

Good Candidates

Belkyra is recommended for people who want to reduce fat below their chin without surgery safely. It is possible to use Belkyra and skin tightening procedures to achieve better results.

Belkyra and Kybella: What’s the Difference?

Here’s what we need to know. “Kybella” and “Belkyra” are the same thing. They are just two (2) trademarks for a naturally occurring substance called deoxycholic acid. Both work by dissolving fat cell membranes, allowing the stubborn fat to pass through our bodies and be eliminated.

How Does Belkyra Work

Deoxycholic acid is a natural bile acid our bodies innately produce to help absorb fat. Belkyra injections use synthetic forms of this component as injections. Once administered, it destroys stubborn fat cells underneath the chin area and renders it unable to store fat anymore. For you to do so, make sure that a trained healthcare professional administers your Belkyra injections since deoxycholic acid can also kill other cells in the process.

Before the procedure, practitioners mark the injection sites using a marker and, at times, apply topical numbing agents or even ice packs to alleviate any potential pain or discomfort. Typically, injections are utilized under the chin by 20 to 30 and even up to 50. The deoxycholic acid then works its way gradually, killing fat cells and metabolizing by our bodies over the following weeks.

How many treatment sessions are necessary for optimal results varies for each person. You might need multiple treatments to reach optimal results. You can receive up to six (6) Belkyra treatments, with at least one month between sessions.

Preparing for Belkyra

It is essential to plan the Belkyra treatment with your trusted skincare expert and make sure you are the right candidate for this procedure. Discuss your medical history and any cosmetic procedures you have done on your face, neck, or chin. Tell your doctor or healthcare provider about any trouble swallowing or bleeding problems. The research on Belkyra’s effect on fetuses or infants is still ongoing, so let your healthcare provider know if you are nursing, pregnant, or planning to become pregnant soon.

As a non-surgical procedure, there is little preparation required for Belkyra. It’s advisable to schedule the process well before any significant events. Wash your face properly before the appointment because it can help reduce any risks of infection. Also, avoid ibuprofen and acetaminophen intake to prevent post-treatment bruising.

Expectations After Belkyra

Practitioners should design your treatment plan according to your condition’s specific needs. Most patients need more than one treatment to reach their desired aesthetic goals with Belkyra. In clinical studies, many people who’ve received Belkyra treatment had visible effects after two to four treatments. Six (6) treatments were necessary for 59% of instances.

Once the deoxycholic acid starts destroying fat cells in the targeted submental area, expect results to last, and you will no longer need further treatment since the fat cells can no longer store fat.

Potential Risks and Possible Side Effects

Though Belkyra is non-surgical, some common side effects include pain, swelling, bruising, redness, and numbness. The recovery process associated with Belkyra is minimal in most cases, and downtime varies from person to person. Minor side effects typically subside in one to two weeks.

Serious side effects have occurred, including facial muscle weakness, an uneven smile, trouble swallowing, or nerve injury in the jaw. It would be best to discuss any post-treatment discomfort with your doctor or healthcare provider. Contact them immediately if you experience any of these severe side effects.

FAQs About Belkyra

“When will I start seeing the results of Belkyra treatments?”

The chin profile of many patients treated with Belkyra improves after two to four treatments. Some people may require up to six treatments to achieve the best results. Additional treatments are optional once the desired results are achieved.

“How long do Belkyra treatments last?”

The results of Belkyra are permanent unless excessive weight gain occurs after the entire course of treatment.

“Will I need any downtime after Belkyra treatments?”

Belkyra has no downtime with its non-invasive procedure. Most of our patients can return to work immediately after their treatment. There may be mild swelling and bruising after the process, but this will go away within a week. The body will gradually break down fat cells under the chin, giving you a more defined chin, jawline, and neck as it eliminates them.

Final Thoughts on Belkyra

The effects of Belkyra are permanent and destroy fat cells that can no longer store fat once destroyed. There are no maintenance or upkeep treatments or additional injections needed. After the treatments, the results are permanent.

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