A “double chin” can be caused by excess fat under the chin, which can lower self-esteem and cause anxiety. Belkyra TM can help you easily get rid of your double chin.

Belkyra™ is the first and only injectable drug approved in Canada for treating moderate to severe submental fullness, also known as “double chin”. Belkyra™ destroys fat cells when injected into subcutaneous fat. The main ingredient of Belkyra™ is deoxycholic acid, which breaks down stubborn fatty tissue. During the course of your Belkyra™ treatment, fat is eliminated naturally through metabolic processes.

On average a patient may need a course of two to six Belkyra™ treatments – walk-in, walk-out, no bandages or stitches necessary!

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Non-Invasive Treatment for Double Chin

The main benefit of Belkyra is that there is no need to go under the knife to destroy the fat under the chin. This non-invasive treatment takes less than an hour, and only requires a few injections in the targeted under-chin areas.

The required number of injections and treatments varies depending on overall aesthetic goals and the severity of the treatment area


Who are good candidates for BelkyraTM?

BelkyraTM is recommended for people who want to reduce fat below their chin safely and without surgery. It is possible to use Belkyra™ in conjunction with skin tightening procedures to achieve better results.

When will I see the results of BelkyraTM treatments?

The chin profile of many patients treated with BelkyraTM improves after two to four treatments. Some people may require up to six treatments to achieve the best results. Additional treatments are not necessary once the desired results are achieved.

How long does BelkyraTM last?

The results of BelkyraTM are permanent unless excessive weight gain occurs after the full course of treatment.

Will I have any downtime after Belkyra treatments?

BelkyraTM has no downtime with its non-invasive procedure. Most of our patients can return to work immediately after their treatment. There may be mild swelling and bruising after the procedure, but this will go away within a week. The area can be gently massaged a few times a day to reduce tightness or swelling. The body will gradually break down fat cells under the chin, giving you a more defined chin, jawline, and neck as the body eliminates them.