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MG Aesthetics is a boutique medical aesthetics practice located in Vaughan, Ontario. Our team understands that sometimes skin seems to look older than you feel on the inside. At MG Aesthetics, we provide services that ensure your appearance matches your inner well-being.

All our services are customized according to your own skin and its needs. Our skin rejuvenating treatments include injectable neurotoxins, dermal fillers, and other evidence-based solutions.

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Our mission at MG Aesthetics is to cultivate a culture of one-style-fits-one for people in the

business of beauty. Every interaction is personal and unique towards delivering an outward

appearance that reflects the best of internal feelings.

Mariam Ghoneim

Aesthetic Nurse Injector

Mariam Ghoneim is a passionate Aesthetic Nurse Injector, dedicated to assisting clients in boosting their confidence through cosmetic treatments. She is a licensed nurse in Ontario and specializes in advanced Aesthetic Injections. As an Advanced Injector Specialist, Mariam is adept at helping clients attain their desired looks. Each client is given the individualized attention they deserve, as Mariam takes the time to understand their unique skin needs.

With the passing of time, our skin can undergo changes that are not always desired. Mariam and her team of dedicated skin Injection experts ensure natural-looking results to help people feel beautiful inside and out. Through her expertise and attention to detail, Mariam provides the perfect combination of treatments to suit each client’s needs.

Mariam is committed to helping her clients look and feel their best. She strives to provide a truly customized experience with natural-looking results that are essential to ensuring confidence inside out.

Julia Bernaudo

Certified Nurse Injector and Medical Aesthetician

Julia Bernaudo is a certified nurse injector and medical aesthetician. Julia Bernaudo started her career in medical aesthetics in 2018 and as her passion for the industry grew, she continued her education to become a licensed nurse who specializes in aesthetic treatments.

Throughout the years Julia Bernaudo has worked at an aesthetics college and in various medi-spas providing skin and injectable treatments allowing her to focus on the skin inside and out. She is able to educate each patient on preventive and restorative treatments depending on their concerns.

Julia Bernaudo prides herself on treating each client with an individualized and honest approach to help her clients look and feel their best. She believes in natural enhancements that do not compromise her client’s natural features and beauty. Aside from skin health, her favorite injectable transformations are the lips – she loves the instant confidence boost it gives to her patients!

Julia Bernaudo ’s main priority is the safety and comfort of each patient and she ensures to be there to answer any questions before during and after treatment.

Chloe Chateauvert

Social Media Manager/Patient Concierge

Chloe Chateauvert is our dedicated Social Media Marketing Manager and Patient Concierge at MG Aesthetics. Specializing in digital marketing from York University, Chloe brings a unique blend of skills and expertise to our team.

As our Social Media Marketing Manager, Chloe handles our online presence and curates a unified brand identity that reflects the authentic core of MG Aesthetics. Serving as our voice behind the screen, Chloe represents our values across all social media platforms. As a brand ambassador, she helps shape our online community.

Chloe takes pride in being your Patient Concierge, ensuring your comfort is a top priority. Whether it’s answering inquiries, managing appointments, or providing information before, and after treatments, Chloe’s commitment is to make your journey with MG Aesthetics as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

From the moment you step through our doors, Chloe’s warm and welcoming demeanour sets the stage for a positive and comfortable experience. She ensures a personalized touch at MG Aesthetics.